The Girl in Black

Why black?  A cluster of ideas and events have come together of late, inspiring me to don the black.  I guess Johnny Cash’s “Man in Black” best sums up my position.  But I have also been inspired by Steve Jobs – he invented his own uniform.  I admire the simplicity and grace of his black mock turtle neck, and jeans.  I couldn’t get away with it where I am employed, so I opted for a modified uniform.  I am the girl in black.  I struggled for a while to find other females with a uniform – a black uniform – until I remembered the nuns in black and white I would see every day for the three summers I spent at Notre Dame.  They were my inspiration too.  Part rock ‘n roll, part zen, part devoted to the Lord, and always a living reminder of the problem of evil, that is my inspiration for the black. The black is somber, simple, sophisticated, and as a friend told me the other day, slimming.

I decided to don the same for my blog.


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Kelly Fitzsimmons Burton holds B.A. degrees in both English Literature and Philosophy; an M.A. in Philosophy; and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Arizona State University, with an emphasis on Religion and Public Discourse in America. She has been teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies courses at the college and university level since 2003, and has recently joined Ratio Christi as Arizona Regional Director. When not teaching, talking with students, or studying, Kelly enjoys playing percussion instruments.


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